September 24, 2023

Important Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

Kayak Fishing is a great activity full of adventures. For kayak fishing to be a success, you need to gear up with all the right products and skilled tactics that will get you the opportunity to efficiently catch abundant fish as you smoothly and quietly moved through the water in your kayak.

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Essential features to look for while choosing a fishing kayak

  • Elevated seat for improved field vision
  • Multiple rod holders
  • Paddle holder
  • Enclosed deck storage unit

Preparations to do before the trip

  • Understand the local fishing status about where fish of your liking can be found.
  • Check on the weather reports. Fog and strong winds can be dangerous as it makes your positioning unstable and weak. Be well prepared if you are kayaking in rain.
  • Beware of other oncoming high speed vessels and tanker ships. Paddle towards the wave in case of such encounters.
  • Pack safety gears consisting of emergency first aid and repair kits, personal flotation device, and whistle and paddle leash.
  • Apply skin protection from sun and bugs.
  • Carry sufficient food and water to hydrate yourself and give you energy.
  • Do not forget an anchor weighing about 1.5-4 lbs.
  • Carry gears to handle fish consisting of pliers, grips, gloves, nets, etc.
  • Consider a camera on a mount if you are trying to capture your adventurous journey.

Tips while Kayak Fishing

  • Sight fishing

Sight fishing is finding fish with your eyes. Polarized glasses help you look through the water glare with better visibility.

  • Paddle swiftly but quietly.

If the inside of your boat vibrates, it will be felt by the fish in the water making them aware of their predators that result in them to scatter away. Therefore, avoid knocking your paddle and rod against the kayak or water surface.

  • Change your lures efficiently.

Lure changing means to select the appropriate bait from your toolbox to catch the fish. Learn how to use different types of lures to attract different types of fishes before the actual event.

  • Enhance on your drifting skills.

Paddle to your desired direction and let the current drift your kayak towards the target. Frequent little strokes will keep your position solid.

  • Set the drag properly.

Dragging is fighting against the caught fish. Know how much energy to put pull out the type of caught fish.

  • Position your rod

Point your rod sideways so that strong winds don’t affect it.


The tips may vary depending on whether it is offshore or inshore that you are kayaking. Be aware that offshore, the wave energy is even high so you will have to follow added precautions.