Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Is Portable Oxygen Concentrator A Boon For Healthier Lifestyle?

Patients who are suffering from acute pulmonary conditions or any chronic lung disorder often require the support of oxygen therapy. This is a treatment process to ensure that the correct level of oxygen in the body. This is a useful tool to detect the impaired function of the lungs. POC is considered a lifesaver because it provides flexibility to the concentrated oxygen while it is operational. 


How does the portable oxygen concentrator function?

The air we breathe comprises of ¾ proportion of nitrogen and ¼ proportion of oxygen. This device is responsible to alter the composition and create concentrated oxygen that is available to the patients. It is a small device that acquires ambient air by making use of electricity, battery, or DC power. The air passes through a molecular sieve or chemical or chemical filter that is composed of Zeolite that is a silicate granule and possesses the potential to absorb maximum nitrogen which subsequently increases the oxygen concentration in the air. And with the use of the valve, the oxygen gets released in the nasal ducts or cannula that is connected to the nose. This is the process that supports the patient in breathing oxygen-rich air to maintain the level of oxygen. 

There are several models of portable oxygen concentrators available in the contemporary market and online. The difference is marked amongst the models in terms of its features like size, weight, and nature of the flow, and point of energy. Howsoever, to buy an oxygen concentrator in Delhi few points need to be cleared so that the device can be maintained and managed well to withdraw an optimal performance. 

How long does a portable oxygen concentrator last?

This is a reliable source for the supply of oxygen-rich air when one is away from home. This device is accessible on power so one should have a clear answer for its performing hours. Since it is directly related to the health and well-being of a person who is under oxygen therapy treatment. This answer is completely based on the model, its design, capacity of the battery. If one is making use of pulse flow or on-demand mode then the oxygen is released only after inhaling and while exhaling the flow is cut off.  This type of continuous flow is recommended the patient is sleeping and requires maximum oxygen concentration. There are even continuous flowing oxygen concentrators that are backed with great power consumption and exhaust the battery at a faster rate in comparison to pulse flow mode. In common, it has been estimated that a completely charged portable oxygen concentrator can continuously operate for 7 to 8 hours. If one is travel then it can be accompanied by an extended battery and AC or DC charging point that allows the charging of the device while traveling.

Introducing the best oxygen concentrator:

Jainsons are currently promoting ELIANTE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR with the potential to supply 5 liters per minute. This option is available in two different options one is 5lts/min and the other 10lts/min. this is a lightweight device that smaller in size and weighs approximately 15 kgs with a single flow unit. This device is boosted with the potential to provide oxygen purity ranging from 95.5% -97.7%%. There are two different filters present in the equipment. One is a heap filter that makes sure that no dust particle is present in the concentrated oxygen level and the other is bacterial filters that prevent the entry of the bacteria into the purified air. As per the concentration of the oxygen is concerned, the concentration level range from 95% to -3%, and output pressure exerted of 0.04-0.07 mpa. The products are available with a warranty period lasting or 18000 hours which so ever lasts first. Everyone can buy oxygen concentrator in Delhi either online or offline from Jainson light without wasting time on second thought.