September 29, 2023

What Makes Aluminum Photo Prints so Popular – Is it even Worth the Hype? 

Pictures speak a million words. They can be the memory of a person, a place, a time, or any and every other thing you can possibly think of. So,  whether you’re getting one done for the interiors of the house or exteriors, it’s always a good idea to use aluminum photo prints. In fact, metal prints are so overtly perfect and vivid that they can make every still lifelike. If it interests you like it should, you’d find it interesting to read through a bit more. So, have a look! 

What’s so Special About Metal Photo Prints on Aluminum? 

Yes, pictures can be made on fabric and glass and they look classy in their own ways. But, today, in this guide, we will specifically talk about the benefits of metal photo prints like the Big Acrylic aluminum photo prints.

  1. They are Lifelike 

If Your a pictures Aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough – Robert Capa. And we couldn’t agree more. 

A candid picture on aluminum has such a good contrast ratio that they can replicate the feel of HD clarity. 

  1. They are Surprisingly Clear

The clarity is, but of course, the result of a high contrast ratio. However, that ratio is made possible by using two different patterns:

  • The brushed metal pattern
  • The white metal pattern

Brushed metal pattern involves a technique where a few areas of your picture will be left white to create an illusion of a brushed pattern. 

White metal pattern is a technique that uses vivid colors to attain a high contrast ratio. 

The end look of both the types is very different. You must try one for yourself and choose which one you like. 

PS: Whilst both the types are printed on Dibond for durability, it’s only a few firms like Big Acrylic that can offer a glossy finish on metal. 

  1. They’re Perfect for Outdoors

Aluminum can withstand heat, rain, as well as moisture and repel dirt in such a way that no other fabric can. Besides, the colors in metal are caged with such perfection that heat cannot smudge or melt them so easily. So, if it’s the exteriors you’re targeting specifically, there’s no better option than the aluminum photo prints by Big Acrylic. 

  1. You Get Variety 

Yes, it’s true that you already know metal prints are of two types – brushed metal and white metal. 

However, what’s new is the info that metal prints, by nature, provide a matte finish. However, if it’s gloss that you desire on metal, then elite firms like Big Acrylic are the ideal rescue. That’s because they specialize in using a special varnish on metal that can create a glossy effect on aluminum. 

So, to sum up, if it’s variety, quality, and longevity that you desire, you’d not face disappointment by choosing metal prints.